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BUILDING THE IMAGE: The Lady Minimalists

In the hills above Santa Fe, early in 2011, the Lady Minimalists formed their collective.  Today, this is a group of six visual artists of varying ages and differing backgrounds.  

The scene began with investigations into current threads of contemporary art, and led to lively discussions, collaborative projects, and group exhibits.   The group has shown at Axle Contemporary in Santa Fe (2013), at the ART[s] UP Salon in Galisteo, NM (2014), at the Mesa Public Library Upstairs Art Gallery in Los Alamos, NM (2013), and in a project space at Art Santa Fe (2012).  Currently they are part of the exhibit, AXLE INDOORS, at Peters Projects, the new contemporary incarnation of the Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe.

The Lady Minimalists Tea Society (proper name) is noted for intentionally pared–down processes, use of simplified materials, and purposeful use of structure, which is often developed through repetition.  Each artist reflects the rich combination of northern New Mexico history, culture and social need, within the perimeters of modern art.  It is a paradox of sorts; the contradiction of deeply rustic, historic surroundings and the language of artistic abstraction.  But like Agnes Martin and Florence Pierce before them, their work is derived from the open vistas, the clear light, and the silence of this region. 


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