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Surrealist Realms

Surrealist Realms

Surrealism, an early 1920s movement began with the examination of Automatism or automatic writing, a new approach of expression that aspired to release the creativity of the subconscious mind.  Andre Breton, a poet and critic
wrote the Manifesto of Surrealism in 1924, at the transitional moment of what became a worldwide political and intellectual movement.

Sigmund Freud¹s dream studies and psychological theories were primary influences to Surrealism.  They helped define the world of dreams, intuition and the unconscious realm into visual art where objects and recognizable scenes taken out of natural context appear as they might in the dreams,  distorted and assembled in unexpected ways.  Jolting juxtapositions and surprising changes in scale as well as the element of randomness and chance all play to Surrealist techniques. Violence and destruction are repeating themes along with contempt for convention.  Objects become erotically charged and sexual fantasies are expressed.  Icons of this genre include Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, Joan Mirò, Alberto Giacometti and Marcel DuChamp.

Dana Newman¹s body of work grants us a window into this astonishing world.  Perception and fantasy are expressed in visual terms with meticulous detail.  Dana¹s collages let the materials inform her and then guide her hand.  Humor
and irony play within her curiosity cabinets and graphic novels; it is an array of work heretofore unseen in Dallas. 

Smink presents an exhibition of artists taking inspiration from Surrealism working in small objects and collage, including Dana Newmann, Gail Rieke, and Timothy Hearsum.  A video presentation of Dana Newmann can be viewed at:


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