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4 Directions 2015

4 Directions 2015



Rick Workman   Jerry Skibell


FOUR DIRECTIONS is the verbal representation of the very Earth herself, by the Lakota and many Native Americans. Here in the West, the phrase has become commonplace and is often associated with an image of a magnetic compass.
This exhibit is the gathering of Rick Workman’s images of the Chisos Mountains and Big Bend, combined with the rotational symmetry studies and landscape sketches of Jerry Skibell.
In the Western “straight photography” style, Workman has depicted the rugged West Texas landscape as objectively as permitted by the medium, with no manipulation. The result is a modern vision of the land that captures the movement of daylight across the face of the Chisos, from the ridge of the Sierra del Carmen in the east, to the cliffs of Santa Elena Canyon in the west.
Jerry Skibell’s monotypes and linocuts of rotational symmetries are beautiful representations of a four sided Golden Section pushed around a central axis – not unlike the four directions of a compass. Architects and designers will appreciate the mathematical representation of PHI or the ratio of 1.0 to 1.618. That is the ratio of sacred geometry that Palladio described to his villa elevations and our own Frank Lloyd Wright applied to the rotational floor plans of the Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.


Exhibition held February 21st - March 28th, 2015.


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