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Strange Beauty cpatures the changing view of the garden, and the parallels that can be drawn between the landscape and the viewer's own life.  


In early 2018, Gary Faye went to Huntington Gardens, in Southern California and began a series of photographic studies, the very first of which are shown here. Not just seeking to capture perfect images, he photographed the gardens as he found them; for he considered them perfect in their transition. The way the viewer finds them at that moment - they will never be that way again. Even in the same season the following year, the plants will have matured and they will be changed in their beauty, scale and presentation (of the bloom). 


And in Richard Hogan’s paintings “Moone” and “Durrow”, named for respective rural villages in Ireland, we see the abstractions of the land, of the patchwork fields, and the “dappled things” that fill the landscape. Oddly, the Agave Attenuata in one scene at Huntington Gardens, seem to take their shape from the crescent forms in Hogan’s, ‘Durrow’. 


Opening reception September 8, 5-8 p.m.


Exhibition through October 6th.

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