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A Retrospective 2013

A Retrospective 2013


Richard Hogan


Richard Hogan is a celebrated artist, whose work has been a benchmark of contemporary art in New Mexico since the 1970s. 

Since his earliest abstractions, Hogan's approach to his art has been to reduce everything to a function of drawing.  He began in the late 1970s with strong vertical lines and marks on the canvas; and through the years the verticals gained substance and began to 'glow'.  This was the result of a process whereby the oil paint was applied and wiped away multiple times, creating a blush of ethereal color, over which Hogan gave the final lines thickness and dimension.  Through the years, these vertical lines in his art began to twist on the canvas and then, graduallly, they took on substance and volume, becoming forms and shapes with sheared edges. 

Today much of Hogan's work contemplates a series of chiseled forms that have derived from the early 'neon lines' of 2001/2002.  The backgrounds remain as a rubbed, aging adobe wall, holding the forms in a dance where the final effect allows the viewer to feel much like an archeologist looking through the collective layers. 

In some of the works on paper, there are numerous chiseled shapes that are derivative, in many aspects, from text within The Book of Kells.  In otheres, the Sandia Mountains that surround Albuquerque are evident.  Other influences include Paleolithisc art, Celtic stone circles and the Durham Gospel fragments. 


Opening Reception February 23, 2013, 5-8pm


Show runs through March 30, 2013.

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