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Surrealist Realms 2013

Surrealist Realms 2013



Dana Newman with Gail Rieke and Timothy Hearsum


The world of dreams, intuition and the unconscious realm define Surrealism.  This early 1920's movement challenges the accepted concepts of what is rational and normal.  Strange juxtapositions and surprising changes in scale along with the element of randomness and chance all play to the creation of a work of art.  Icons of this genre include Salvador Dali, Max Ernst and Joan Miro. 


The importance of dreams and the unconscious as embodied in Sigmund Freud's theories are fundamental to Surrealism.  Objects and recognizable scenes taken out of natural context appear as they might in dreams, distorted and assembled in imaginative ways. 


Dana Newman's body of work grants us a window into this astonishing world.  Perception and fantasy are expressed in visual terms with meticulous detail.  Dana's collages let the materials inform her and then guide her hand.  Humor and irony play within her cabinets and books.  Explore and delight in Dana's world. 


Opening Reception January 12, 2013, 5-8pm


Show runs through February 16, 2013.

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