Floor Model Spine Daybed

By Fredericia

Curved corners, ample cushions and somewhat low to the ground, Spine Daybed is a testament to simplicity as the ultimate form of exclusivity.  A soft, plush cushioned side for comfort supported by a singular structure in solid wood. Incorporated into the structure are slightly splayed legs at either end, which signal a sense of relaxed informality.

The upholstery draws on Fredericia’s signature techniques, with a modern spin. Discrete details such as the leather piping around the sides, add to the chaise lounge's subtle sophistication.

The result is a succinct design that’s soft yet solid. Fluid yet structured. Poetic yet purposeful. Able to exude, at a glance, an ambience of elegance.

Original Price:  $8,560.00

Sale Price:  $1,599.00

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