Freestyle Sofa

By Molteni & C

Freestyle, another modular system that exploits the endless combination possibilities of the pieces available to create linear and corner solutions with the greatest of freedom in terms of size, is designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Molteni & C.  The seats can be joined to backs in varying sizes symmetrically or asymmetrically, playing with the cover colours to created combinations in different shades or more traditional single-colour solutions.  Freestyle also has two types of arm:  o a classical piece that flank the structure level with the back or a side cushion that forms one with the seat.  As well as the traditional seats there is also a trapezoid end piece, an island element and chaise longue that can further increase the possible compositions.  Freestyle is completed by additional back cushions in three sizes that can be used in the number and fabric type desired.  The stitching on the front of the seat and arm lends further elegance to the product.  Available in fabric or leather.

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