Wisp Relief

By Minotti

A bas-relief design, underlining the bold expression of the curved lines and different thickness of the pile, animates the Wisp Relief rug with interesting three-dimensional chiaroscuro effects. 

The original pattern, developed in macro form to cover the entire rug, was designed by Minotti Studio as proof of the brand’s ability to decorate spaces. It expresses the Seventies inspiration on which the 2019 Collection is founded, in a style that encompasses a dynamic blend of curves, ellipses and wavy lines.    
Made of 100% New Zealand wool, it is crafted by hand using the Tufting method and is available in the monochrome colours Chalk, Titanium Melange, 

Cord Melange, Smoke, Iron and Petrol, and the new shades Sage Green and Charcoal.

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