FJ Panel System

By House of Finn Juhl

When designing a house or an interior in a room Finn Juhl always aimed at creating a total design, a so-called Gesamtkunstwerk.  His idea was to create a harmonic overall impression where space, light, furniture, art, materials and colours interplayed. Therefore it was natural for him to work with all functions in the room, including storage.

In the 1950’s Finn Juhl designed a series of more industrial-type furniture for the company Bovirke, which were clearly inspired by Charles Eames. Here, he used simple minimalistic steel constructions as a supporting frame for elegant wooden tabletops and cabinets.

He also designed the Panel System for wall mounting, which completed his interiors in a sophisticated way. The system activated the walls for storage in an integrated way. Cabinets and shelves can be placed as you please. The system allows mixing different sorts of wood and colours.

Onecollection has chosen to re-launce this 60 year old FJ Panel System from 1953 to complete the Finn Juhl collection, but also, despite its age, to offer a very modern, aesthetic and functional solution of today’s demand for dynamic storage.

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