Horizonte Bed

By Minotti

Horizonte Bed is the natural evolution for the night area of the Horizonte modular seating system. 

Designed by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27, it is characterised by the rigorous and light horizontal line that inspires the design of the entire system. 

In the design for the bed, the horizon line becomes the base raised from the ground on which the mattress and headboard sit. The base is made from a clever combination of materials: entirely in leather or fabric, or in an original mix of both to create an even more refined, tailored look. The seaming technique used on the all-leather base is inspired by the world of haute couture and involves sewing strips of leather together and folding back the edges. In the
all-fabric version, on the other hand, the two strips feature a distinctive central profile that highlights their seam. In the mixed version, the two strips are coupled with a zip, presented as an aesthetic motif that allows for the practical and quick removal of the covering. 

The hallmarks of Horizonte Bed also lie in its aerial architecture, achieved by means of recessed feet in polished Brandy varnished metal, as well as in the prominent rear panel that becomes the supporting element for the nightstand, available in different types of wood and either flush or cantilevered. The skilful combination of materials and exquisite tailoring gives rise to a wide range of versions: all-fabric, all-leather or countless variants featuring an interesting mix of the two materials applied to the base and the rear panel. 

Horizonte Bed expresses itself as a true system, tailor-made for the beauty and comfort of the night area and designed with a high level of adaptability to meet a variety of requirements.

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