Fjoon Settee

By Fernweh Woodworking

The Fjoon (pr. fyoon) collection rose out of a multi-year obsession with high end upholstery as well as an infatuation with wood joinery and principles of chair strength from the broader chair making community, especially windsor chair makers. Justin's musings led him to include what are now a few of his favorite aspects of fjoon. 

The fjoon occasional/dining chair features a vacuum-laminated upholstered seat with a sweeping compound curve, stepped mortise-and-tenon joinery with a friction wedge, and a patent-pending wood plug system which allows for re-upholstery down the line without having to destroy / re-fabricate any chair parts. Fernweh meticulously selected ten offerings of upholstery leathers and textiles of the highest quality from their Danish partners Sorenson and Kvadrat.  

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