Jeff, the table designed by Oscar and Gabriele Buratti, plays with the fascinated reaction between mirrored surfaces: an intriguing theme which is typical of diverse contemporary artistic paths swaying between minimalism and maximalism. The streamlined solid chestnut top appears to be suspended on two metal central bases, whose particular geometry - an open semi-curve in blue pigmented glossy aluminum - is finished by hand, thus triggering ever changing reflection effects. The top, made of selected slats of natural or black stained solid chestnut, features the customized design of a tapered edge that gives extreme lightness to the very thick top. A further rounding on the entire perimeter softens the edges creating a small sphere on each of the four corners.
To guarantee the stability of the tables over time, four reinforcing beams are built in the thick solid wood. Below the top, the metal reinforcement housings are closed by wooden dowels with a high-quality inlay design.

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