The spacious Silver Table from 1948 is arguably one of Finn Juhl's most famous and extravagant designs. The table is equipped with two extension leaves and can be ordered with or without sterling silver inlays. These inlays serve not only as an exclusive decorative feature but also as a functional indicator of the seating capacity, accommodating anywhere from four to fourteen spaces. The table is available in four different variants.

The larger tabletop has been finished with 30 sterling silver inlays (42 when the table is extended to its full length) that have inspired its nickname, the Judas Table. The table is classic and extravagant because of its fine details such as its silver inlays that are strewn across the tabletop like a blanket of stars.

The positioning of the silver inlays is far from coincidental and is not only a decorative feature. They indicate whether the table seats 4, 6, 8 or 10 people. With the two additional extension leaves, the large table seats up to 14 people.

Since 2014, House of Finn Juhl has been manufacturing Finn Juhl’s exclusive Silver Table from 1948. What most people do not know is that Finn Juhl also designed the table in a more compact size, suitable for apartments or smaller homes. The Small Silver Table comes with two extension leaves and is available with or without the characteristic silver inlays. The table is available in five variants.  The version with the walnut tabletop can be finished with 22 sterling silver inlays -34 when the table is extended.

The Small Silver Table measures 71" x 47 1/2" and can be extended to 114".   The tabletop is crafted in veneer or linoleum with solid edges including two extension leaves.

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