Terrace Outdoor

By Minotti

Of exceptional architectural appeal, and designed for outdoor living spaces, the Terrace table has a strong contemporary vibe, and a frame of slightly retro inspiration. It associates shapes from the past, in the design of the legs, with current day technology, used to create the cast aluminium frame.

A table that expresses all the force of an architectural element, available in four sizes, three rectangular and one round, making it suitable for use in different spaces, from city verandas to larger garden settings.

The 2021 version of Terrace presents the rectangular top in solid teak with a natural finish, and frame and legs varnished in White.
The new entry complements the original version, sporting a top in stone-look ceramic, and available in two different shades: Stone Brown and Marble Grey.
The frame and legs are varnished in Pewter colour to match the Stone Brown top, or White to match the Marble Grey top.

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