77 Sofa - Two

By House of Finn Juhl

Inspired by his American colleagues, Finn Juhl designed a new series of furniture in 1953 with a streamlined and more industrial aesthetic. Among these was the 77 Sofa, whose upholstered body appears to be floating on the delicate, almost invisible frame made from burnished steel. Behind its rather modest exterior lies a time-consuming craftsmanship and materials of the finest quality. The armchair is manufactured in Denmark on a solid blind frame in beech, upholstered and hand-stitched according to traditional craftsmanship. Both the fixed seat and the loose back cushion are with spring inserts, ensuring both comfort and durability. The 77 Sofa is available in textile with burnished steel legs and wooden toes in oak or walnut.

As the only Danish designer on the international scene in the beginning of the 1950s, Finn Juhl had made his mark in the US and brought ideas back home. Inspired by his American colleagues, he managed to incorporate an international touch into furniture that was carried on slender legs in burnished or painted steel with wooden toes. One of these new furniture models was the 77 Sofa that evokes memories of the international airport lounges and hotel lobbies of the 50s and 60, as well as architect-designed homes with large windows and graphic freestanding interiors.

Behind the rather modest and simple exterior of the 77 Sofa lies time-consuming craftsmanship and materials of the finest quality. House of Finn Juhl produces the re-launched version in Denmark, as originally, on a solid blind frame in beech, upholstered and hand-stitched according to traditional craftsmanship in textile or leather. 

During the 1950s, Finn Juhl embarked on a departure from solely designing furniture for exclusive, handmade production in limited quantities. Instead, he set out to explore the possibilities within industrial production. It was at Bevirke in Frederiksberg where Finn Juhl found the first Danish furniture manufacturer who shared his vision of blending the finesse and aesthetic of traditional craftsmanship with the vast potential offered by the industry. Creating entirely new furniture types posed a challenge, yet despite the obstacles, the partnership between Finn Juhl and Bovirke yielded a range of successful furniture pieces that set new standard for industrially produced design furniture in Denmark. Among these new creations, the 77 Series symbolized this new direction.

Finn Juhl himself used the 77 Sofa in his showroom apartment in the Bellahøj high-rise building complex as well as in many of the 33 SAS terminals he designed between 1957 and 1961.

Designed with compact living in mind, the two seater sofa proves to be an ideal choice for smaller apartments or for creating a cozy corner. Offering an inviting seating space, it effortlessly fosters an ambience of warmth and intimacy. The sofa easily blends into various styles and interior designs, as there are abundant opportunities to customize the upholstered materials. Additionally, it easily harmonizes with other furniture pieces, enabling you to create a cohesive and elegant decor.

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